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Below are some online resource pages that you may find useful. They are not affiliated with Dr. Zebrun or in any way.

 category  Addiction / Substance Abuse

Addiction Science Network

Alcoholics Anonymous 

Narcotics Anonymous

Al-Anon / Alateen

Gamblers Anonymous

Rational Recovery

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Drugs & Brains - The Science of Addiction
   (Free Ebook)


 category  Chronic Pain

Back Pain Videos (1 of 14) by Richard Norris, MD

Dr Richard Norris Back Pain, Back Exercises - YouTube Channel

American Chronic Pain Association

Fibromyalgia Info Foundation - Top Ten Tips

Pain Page at Medline Plus

Integrative Pain Therapy

Rehabilitation Approaches to Pain


 category  Mental Health Reference

Managing Stress - Interactive Tutorial

Relaxation Techniques - Instructions

Sleep Hygiene

How to Sleep Well

National Institute of Mental Health
  (Large site, with Canadian med info)

Mental Health Meds - from NIMH

Parents Med Guide - resource regarding psychiatric medication use in children

Neurofeedback for ADHD (

ADHD Resource Page by CHADD

AACAP Resource Centers

Brain Facts - Free 74 page Ebook

Neuromyth Busters - 8 Brain Myths

Psychopharmacology text (1990)

Moods & Hormones in Women - Free Report from NIMH

National Institute of Child Development 

American Psychological Association

Teenage Brain Development

Neuropsychopharmacology papers (advanced) (advanced)


 category  Medical Reference

Prescription Interactions Checker

Drugs Interaction Checker

QT Drugs - drug lists, risk, interactions regarding
QT prolongation

Medline Plus

National Institutes of Health

Merck Manual - online

Henry Ford Medical / Health Info

American Heart Association

Alternative Medicine Index - Univ of MD

National Center Complementary & Alternative Med (supplement testing)

Natural Treatments reference

Natural Health Research Institute

HIPAA Privacy Rules - official site

Health Canada - official site

Orthopedics Info

Sports Medicine Tips

American Physiological - Info page


 category  Prescription Sites

Pharmacy Checker - compare drug costs for online pharmacies

Walmart Pharmacy $4 Rx Program

Target Pharmacy $4 Rx Program

Stop & Shop $9.99 Rx Program (90 day)

Walgreens Rx Savings Club
  - low-cost generics list

Sam's Club Pharmacy $4 Rx Program

Kroger Pharmacy $4 Rx Program

AAA Prescription Discounts

Prescription Assistance Program


 category  Diet & Nutrition

Micronutrient Info Center (Excellent site!)

World's Healthiest Foods

Free Pregnancy Food & Nutrient Guide

Nutrient-Rich Shopping List

Free Healthy Heart eBook

Free Diet & Cholesterol eBook

FDA Seafood Safety Guidelines

ThePaleoDiet - Basic Info

Dietary Reference Intakes

HerbalGram (from the American Botanical Council)

Sports Nutrition Research (advanced)


 category  Exercise & Ergonomics

Ergonomics Info (from

Free Strength Training eBook

Exercise at


 category  Massachusetts Social Services

Mass Rehab Commission

Mass Clubhouse Coalition

Free Cell Phone (if income eligible)


 category  Disabilities & Accomodations at Work

Job Applicants & the Americans with Disabilities Act

US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Job Accomodation Network
Psychiatry, Northampton

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