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For Referring Providers

Making a Referral for an Initial Consultation Appointment

Health care providers (PCP or therapist) interested in making a referral: to improve communication and the usefulness of the consultation, please complete the referral form below and FAX (or mail) it to my office at the office address listed below. 

Also, please then have the patient call me directly to request the initial appointment.

  One Page Referral Form - for Physicians & Therapists

FAX or mail completed form to:

John Zebrun, MD
241 King Street, Suite 215
Northampton, MA 01060

FAX 413-650-5581

Clinicians can also call me at 413-341-3742 to discuss a possible consultation.

At the present time, I am not accepting patients under 18 years of age.

Referral information All first appointments with me are one-time consultations. Only after the first appointment can it be determined if a particular patient could continue in treatment with me in this private practice setting.

Second opinion I will consider doing a "second opinion" evaluation only if the current treating psychiatrist calls me to request this and explains its scope and purpose.

Practice limitations Please note that I do not do custody, forensic, or disability evaluations, as noted on this page.


Referring Therapists: If you are referring for medication consultation, and if I have not worked with you previously, please call to discuss with me general arrangements for sharing clinical care before making any referrals. Thank you.

Referring Primary Care Providers: Please call me about any cases in which complexities might be anticipated (for example, multiple or severe medical problems, interfacing multiple care systems, imminent guardianship changes, or even insurance problems interfering with care).

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