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New Patient Information

Setting up an initial consultation

During our introductory phone call I will gather some basic information and answer any initial questions you may have about my practice. I will also want to know that you have a current medical primary care provider.

After I have spoken with you, I will ask you to fill out some forms - regarding receipt of HIPAA notice, billing information, contact information, etc.

The preferred (and quickest) way to get these forms filled out is online in the secure electronic health record system. I will send you an email with username and temporary password, and you can login to the system here, change your password, and fill these out quickly.

Initial instructions for login to the system can be found here, and also right on the start page of the health record portal.

This "green" online method does not waste paper, and it is reduces errors since you can directly enter and check the contact information yourself for accuracy.

The same forms can be filled out and returned by regular mail, but it will take significantly longer. Let me know if you wish to use paper forms and regular mail.

Other information

It is my policy that a guardian or parent with legal custody must accompany the patient who is under 18 years old to each and every visit. You must tell me immediately if there are any legal changes.

Missed Appointments (24 hours or less notice) may be charged to you. Medical insurance will not reimburse for missed appointments. Please call or email as soon as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment.

PLEASE call if you have any questions, concerns, or if you need directions. We're here to help.


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