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John Zebrun, MD - Psychiatrist, Amherst MA

NOTICE: Dr Zebrun's office has moved to a new location in Amherst.
It is in the white building at 26 S Prospect St, Ste 204.

The NEW PHONE NUMBER for that office is 413-230-3541. Dr Zebrun can also be reached via his usual email or through the online portal, both of which remain unchanged.


Welcome to the website for the private practice of John Zebrun, MD.

Dr. Zebrun's practice in psychiatry is oriented towards wellness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Zebrun is Board Certified in both Psychiatry and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. His practice includes evaluation and treatment of anxiety and stress-related symptoms, depression and bipolar disorder, and ADHD.

Before inquiring about scheduling an initial consultation, please read more about Dr. Zebrun's practice on this page .

John Zebrun, MD
26 S Prospect St, Suite 204
Amherst, MA 01002
TEL 413-230-3541
FAX 413-650-5581

Office Hours By Appointment Only: Monday through Wednesday, and Friday, 10:30 am to 5:00 pm; also with later hours on Monday and Tuesday. On Thursdays I am away from the private practice office.

The office is located in Amherst, near the towns of Northampton, Hadley, and Sunderland, and is within a reasonable driving distance for many residents of the Pioneer Valley. It is close to UMass and Amherst College.

The office is in a white building behind Amherst Cinema and is within walking distance from the main Jones Library and many downtown amenities.


Current patients: Messages will usually be returned within 24 hours or the next business day (which can be the following week). Plan ahead to allow at least 48 hours for medication refills. Current clients can also make use of the private messaging system inside the secure eRecord system for clinical communications, as it is more secure than regular email. Your next appointment date and time can also be found by logging into the portal.

Dr Zebrun Psychiatry records - Amherst MA  eRecord Login - (Patient login to health record portal)

Upcoming Absences: The dates of any planned absences from the office will be posted here. During these periods, I do not return telephone calls or emails. You may leave non-urgent messages which will be promptly returned upon my return to the office. During extended absences, I have arrangements with another psychiatrist to help with any clinical needs during routine business hours.

If you have an urgent or emergent matter, please contact your local emergency services (in Northampton, 413-586-5555), your family doctor (or primary care provider), or the nearest emergency room.



If interested in an initial appointment: As noted above, please (click on and) read through this page before asking for an initial psychiatric consultation, as it may answer questions you may have about my practice. Also check the insurance information below on this page. Prospective clients can then call me about an initial appointment; use the main office number listed above to call for an initial appointment.

At the present time, I am not accepting patients under 6 years of age.

Calls regarding new patients:  it may take several days before I can return these initial inquiry calls - please excuse any delay in this regard.


Health care providers (PCP or therapist) interested in making a referral to the psychiatrist, please visit this page:

Referral for Psychiatrist Consultation.



Currently I am a provider for all Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts plans.

Blue Care Elect (PPO/EPO), Blue Precision/PPO Blue Options v.3,  Preferred Blue PPO, Preferred Blue PPO Options v.3, and Federal Blue Cross plans are all accepted. Most out-of-state BCBS plans are accepted, but not all, so these have to be discussed with me before our first appointment. Blue Benefit Administrators of MA is also accepted.

I am also in-network for Aetna and Health New England plans.

I am also a provider for Harvard Pilgrim and Health Plans Inc

As of July 1, 2013, Unicare and state GIC plans (Tufts GIC) have changed their contracts to "carve out" mental health management to Beacon Health Strategies, for whom I am not a provider. Patients with these plans can speak with me about out-of-network GIC coverage.


Not accepting:

I am not accepting any new patients with CIGNA insurance or Medicare insurance or Network Health, or with any insurance plans that "carve out" their mental health claims to CIGNA or Magellan or Value Options. I do not accept Humana insurance any longer.

This office practice is not on any Mass Health or BMC Healthnet or Commonwealth Care panels at this time, nor is it on Fallon or Magellan plans.


Always check with your insurance company to see if you need a pre-authorization for a first visit with a psychiatrist before seeing me. This can prevent financial stress and billing troubles, and is relatively easy for you to do by phone. If you have any question about coverage, please clarify that with your insurance plan before our first appointment.

It is also very useful to ask your insurance company if they outsource or "carve out" their mental health claims processing to another insurance company, and to have that information available when you speak with me.

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For more about Dr. Zebrun, his LinkedIn profile is available here:

John Zebrun MD - Psychiatry, Amherst, Massachusetts

For a map or directions, please consult the local Google Plus page for this practice or an online map service for the listing of this practice.

For information on Dr. Zebrun's practice of TMS, visit here:

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


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